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Are you a lover of beautiful fragrances? Is use of natural materials in your products important to you? Are you looking for a luxurious aromatic treat for yourself or a gift for someone special? If you answered yes, then Anuuk Aromatic is the perfect match for you.

Anuuk Aromatic is a small independent company offering a selection of fragrant luxury products made with natural essential oils and other plant materials. The product range currently includes natural soy wax scented candles, essential oil blends and individual essential oils. 





I have been working as a massage therapist in my Marylebone clinic Anuuk Aromatic Skincare since 2011. During my massage practice I realised how stressed and tired most of my clients are, living in a fast-paced city like London. This inspired me to create something special to improve people’s wellbeing and help them to relax and reduce the everyday stress and anxiety. I wanted to bring some luxury to their lives by using high quality materials from natural sources.

The products range draws its inspiration from nature and ancient healing energies of plants. Being Finnish and growing up surrounded by nature, that connection has always been important to me. By taking the essence and beauty of the natural world around us and combining it with uncomplicated design, I wanted to bring an inspiring range of fragrant products that are perfect for unwinding at home or to use on the go. 

I am passionate about creating natural fragrances as they can add so much enjoyment to our every day lives. A scent can help to uplift the mood or change the ambiance in any space. Our sense of smell is undervalued in a world full of visual stimulation.  It plays an important part in our decision making and in how we are feeling in the moment. Fragrance can trigger emotions, feelings and memories, just like music. 



Growing up in Finland the nature has always been important to me. I grew up with the nature around me and have always spend a lot of time in the forest as I find it grounds me and reduces stress. I have always been interested in the healing powers of natural plant materials and have used them ever since I was a little girl. The nature empowers me to create both healing and therapeutic products for beauty and wellbeing, which I hope will help others as well. 

As a part of my business I still see my private clients every week at my health clinic in Marylebone, London. You can find all the details of my treatments on my website AnuukAromaticSkincare.  

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