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Essential oils


Essential oils are made from different parts of plant material for example bark, resin, grass, leaves or twigs of a tree, berries, seeds, fruits or blossoms. They can be used on their own or in a blend, mixing different type of essential oils to create a scent. Most oils are made with two different methods; steam distillation, which is the most common method, extracting the essential oil out of the material by steam or expression, also known as cold pressing, which is mostly used in citrus essential oils where the oil is made from the skin of the fruit or the whole fruit. Some delicate flower oils which are fragile can be made by using a more gentle method of solvent extraction using alcohol and other materials, creating absolute oils. Please note the essential oils are highly potent plant materials and should always be used with caution. All of our essential oils are for external use only. Do not use undiluted and keep away from children. For long life store in a cool, dark, dry place



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