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  • Opulence natural essential oil blend Opulence
  • Opulence natural essential oil blend Opulence
  • Opulence natural essential oil blend Opulence

Anuuk Aromatic

Opulence essential oil blend

Opulence essential oil blend | Anuuk Aromatic



Essential oil blend - 10ml

10ml | 6cm | 35g


The scent: Fresh lavender fields, herbal 

The energy: calming, relaxing, connecting


The story:

Inspired by the long walks in the lavender fields, the fresh air, the soft breeze of the wind, clear blue skies and a gentle warmth from the sun. You feel sudden peace inside, freedom to do whatever you wish. You are calm, relaxed, and the world looks bright and clear. There is a herbal garden where you can pick all the fresh herbs for your lunch, coriander, thyme, rosemary creating a total harmony in the air. You feel calm, refreshed and relaxed



Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)*, thyme (thyme vulgaris)*, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)*, Marjoram sweet (Origanum marjorana*), Black pepper (Piper nigrum)*

*organic ingredient



Possible allergenic substance. Contains Eugenol, citral, limonene, geraniol and linalool


Instructions for use:

  • Add a few drops to an essential oil burner or vaporiser
  • Add  2-3 drops to a 20ml of a body lotion or a body wash
  • Do not use on the face and avoid contact with eyes 
  • Do not use in the bath
  • Do not use undiluted 
  • This product is for external use only 


Opulence essential oil blend is perfect for relaxation. 

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