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  • Divine Davana essential oil blend, natural fragrance
  • Natural essential oil blend Divine Davana

Anuuk Aromatic

Divine davana essential oil blend

Divine Davana essential oil blend | Anuuk Aromatic

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Essential oil blend - 10ml

10ml | 6cm | 35g


The scent: Flowery, exotic, fruity, sweet

The energy: warming, feminine  


The Story:

Inspired by Davana, said to be Lord Shiva’s favourite flower. The escape to far away land. After a walk through crowded streets, markets, colourful people you arrive to the temple surrounded by nature. There is a strange, mystical and magical scent in the air, fresh fruit are on offer and you sit down for a moment. The scent is almost hypnotic and you feel confused. You see a vision of yourself, successful, happy and content. This is the beginning of the next  chapter in your life 


Davana (Artemisia pallens), Rose geranium (Pelagonium graveolens)*, grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)*, Orange (Citrus sinensis)* 

*organic ingredient 


Contains limonene, geraniol and linalool 


  • Add a few drops to an essential oil burner or vaporiser
  • Add  2-3 drops to a 20ml of a body lotion or a body wash
  • Do not use on the face and avoid contact with eyes 
  • Do not use in the bath
  • Do not use undiluted 
  • This product is for external use only 
  • Keep away from children
  • Use within six months from opening

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